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Tire specification indicates a general marker still follow the traditional method, using tire The main technical parameters of representation.
1, Bias tires
Usually connected to two sets of figures minus sign to mark the tires, the first set of figures show the section width , the second group of said rim diameter . Since this original labeling method originated in the United States , the two sets of figures are used in imperial units , such as 9.00-20, 11.00R22.5, 13.6-38, 23.5-25 , etc. are in inches. In addition, some countries have adopted the metric or Metric - Imperial mixed marks , such as 260-508 two sets of figures are in millimeters (mm), 185R15 front set of numbers in millimeters (mm), the latter of inch . Wider application of this standard representation , the general car tires , agricultural machinery tires, OTR tires are marked with such specifications .
In addition to the following representation : the use of "×" connecting the outer diameter of the tire and tire section width of two sets of figures , that D × S, with imperial units , such as animal-drawn vehicle tires 32 × 6,28 × 6 ; EHV aviation tires 18 × 4.4,39 × 13,56 × 16 and other specifications. There is also an "×" and "-" mixture of three sets of numbers in the form of a first set of numbers represents the outer diameter of the tire , and the second set of numbers represents the section width of the tire , the third set of numbers represents the wheel rim diameter , and D × Sf-d, such as aviation tire metric millimeters as 545 × 175-254; using code such as the British 24 × 7.7-10; metric and imperial mixed represented as 360 × 135-6,380 × 150-4 and so on.
2, Radial tire radial tire
Ggenerally use "R" letter code , R is the radial structure of the prefix Radial , R instead of connecting two sets of numbers " - " sign , for example 9.00R20, 11R22.5, with Imperial . As 185R15, the former set of numbers is metric , imperial latter . France Mi Xilin company with "X" for the code , such as the 10.00-20X ,175-14X; Soviet Union adopts "P" for the code , such as 155-13P ,5.90-15P, Italy adopted "Cinturato" marked . As the tire specifications varieties
Increasing tire section outlines have been greatly changed, the original tradition has been unable to meet the new labeling requirements , international standards in the tire section width (mm), tires flat rate ( % ) , tire construction code ( such as R represents radial tire ) and the rim diameter code (in) four said . E.g. 175/70SR14, the first number indicates that the tire section width is 175mm, the second set of numbers represents a cross-sectional aspect ratio of the tire is 70 % or 70 series tire , numeral 14 denotes a third group rim diameter by inch , SR stands for Fast grade radial tire , S is the speed grade mark .
3, Tubeless truck tires tubeless truck tires
Use deep-trough rim , the rim diameter changes, such as 8-22.5 ( 7.50-20 bias tire inner tubes equivalent size ) ,10- 22.5 ( 9.00-20 bias tire inner tubes equivalent size ) , using imperial . Some direct injection on tubeless tires " tubeless " or "TUBELESS" tag. Size
Tire specifications indicated only that the specifications of the code , not the actual size of the tire adjacent the difference in two sizes , which generally does not exceed 10 to 15%.
4, Tractor tires
a. Narrow rim
Although this type of tractor tires tractor tires will be phased out , but still holds a certain amount . In the 65% range are narrow tractor tire rims , specifications representation basically the same as where the bias tire rim width than the section width of the tire , using Sd form , but with a decimal point in the section width code marked as 11.45 -24,13.00-28,9.00-36 . Rim width and tire section width ratio
Wide tractor tire rim tractor tire rim width is about 80 percent , said method differs from the standard narrow rim tractor tire section width of the tire using integer , such as 10-28,11-38,12-38 .
c. Rim width and tire section width ratio wide tractor tire rim
Wide tractor tire rims in the range of 85 to 90 percent , which means that differs from the standard tractor tire rim width is the tire section of the law after only a few band width using the decimal is not " 0" , as 11.2-28 ( replaces 10-28 ) ,12.4 -38 ( replaces 11-38 ) . 13.6-24 ( replaces 12-24 ) . Currently has developed into a wide range of agricultural tires tractor drive tire rim .
d. Low profile tires
Tractor -oriented agricultural machinery and farm machinery tires to low profile tire development , "L" indicates a low profile, section width value can be an integer , but also with a number after the decimal point , such as the 9.5L -15,11 L-15, 14L-16.1. Forestry tire of 30.5L-32. There is also an "SL" symbol , this marks only for agricultural tires, such as the 7.50-10SL ,10.00-15SL and so on.
5, Truck tires
Ttruck and bus tires can be classified according to their size micro , light , medium and heavy tires, different types of tires of different specifications flag .
( a ) ISO international standard tire size designation
Iinternational standards required by ISO tire size designation , distance, and described as follows :
255/70 R 22.5 140/137 J
where :
255 - nominal tire section width , mm
70 - tires flat rate ,%
R- tire construction signs, radial structure ;
22.5- rim nominal diameter ( tubeless rims ), in;
140 - MAXLOADING index , 24.5KN;
137 - twin load index , 22.5KN;
J- speed flag , 100km / h. ( B) the existing British standard mark
a. Miniature truck tires
Usually refers to the nominal tire section width 4.50 ~ 5.00in, nominal rim direct 10 ~ 12in mini truck tires. Usually mounted on the waffle or drop rim , its specifications signs for example as follows :
5.00 - 12 ULT
which :
5.00- tire nominal section width , in;
- hyphen ;
12 - the nominal rim diameter , in;
ULT- car type flag ( mini car ) .
b. light truck , trailer and bus tires
Kind of multi-purpose tires are usually installed in 5. The deep grooves or semi- drop center rim , mostly driving on the highway. Its general 16in rim diameter below the nominal tire section width of the tire in 9.00in below . The following are examples of its specifications flags :
8.25 - 16 LT
8.25- tire nominal section width , in;
- hyphen ;
16 - the nominal rim diameter , in;
LT- type signs.
c. Truck and bus tire rim
Usually refers to the nominal diameter of 18 ~ 24in, section width of 7.5 ~ 14 in the medium- and heavy-duty truck and bus tires. The tire is mounted on the I, II, III type wheel rim , primarily for highway driving . If 9.00-20 bias tires , 11.00R20 and so on. Where :
9.00 - 20
9.00- tire nominal section width , in;
- hyphen ;
20 - the nominal rim diameter .
11.00 R 20
11.00- tire nominal section width , in;
R- radial tire mark ;
20 - the nominal rim diameter , in.
d. Tubeless tires
(1) Light truck tubeless tires mounted on obtaining 15 . Deep-trough rim , rim nominal diameter than its sibling tubeless tire rims fitted large 1.5 in, 6.50 in addition to its section width tubeless tires outside than comparable large 1 in. And the number of decimal places after the section width dimensions are not zeros. Its flag and its corresponding specification has the same level of tubeless tires specifications listed in the exemplar under light truck tubeless tire specifications
Tubeless tires tubeless tire specifications corresponding specifications
7-17.5 6.50-16
8 -17.5 7.00-16
8.5-17.5 7.50-16
10-17.5 9.00-16 rim ( 2 )
Ttruck tubeless tires tubeless truck tires tubeless tire diameter than comparable large 2.5 in, tire section width of 7.50 and 8.25 in addition to two specifications have tubeless tires outside than comparable large 1in. Its section width expressed as an integer , and no zeros after the decimal point . Its specifications are listed in the following table flags : tubeless truck and bus tire specifications
tubeless tires tubeless tire specifications corresponding specifications
8-22.5 7.50-20
9-22.5 8.25-20
10 -22.5 9.00-20
11-22.5 10.00-20
12-22.5 11.00-20
13-22.5 12.00-20 e. other truck tire size designation
ML for the mining and forestry truck automobile tires ;
HT for heavy truck tires ;
MH family travel vehicle tires ;
ST trailer tires for road travel . Sign
Car tires car tires logo
Including dimensions and structural characteristics , load and speed characteristics , and other usage characteristics.
(1) Tire size and structure of sign
Tire specifications generally indicate the name of the following items :
a Nominal section width / nominal flat rate ;
b Tire construction tire structure code with the following code . letters. D represents a bias structure , R representative of a radial structure .
c. Nominal rim diameter tires fitted on existing code rim , the rim code below.
Table rim diameter and nominal diameter
Rims Code Nominal rim diameter , mm rim Code Nominal rim diameter , mm rim Code Nominal rim diameter , mm
10 254 13 330 15 381
12 305 14 356 16406 ( 2 ) conditions characterized
conditions of use features include load index and speed symbol .
a. Speed signs speed symbol indicates the tire under conditions of use prescribed speed rating can withstand load index corresponding to the load . According to international standards, passenger car tire speed symbol of L ~ H level , corresponding to the speed rating of 120 ~ 210km / h.
b. Using the characteristic feature in the use of the other side of the tire air pressure and a load is indicated , the tubeless tire , often marked words " tubeless ", sometimes also other specialized marks provided as pattern type, and direction of rotation .
(3) Tire Size tag example
a. General bias car tire section height to width ratio of about 0.96 , nearly circular cross-section . This tire section width flags are: 5.20,5.60,5.90,6.40,6.70,7.10,7.60,8.20 . If 6.70-13,7.60-15 so on.
b. Low profile rubber car tires ( aspect ratio of about 0.88 ) , the tail section width of the tire marks such as .00 or .50 two kinds. If 5.00,5.50,6.00,6.50,7.00,7.50,8.00 . If 6.00-15,7.50-14 so on.
c. Ultralow profile bias passenger car tires , high aspect ratio of about 0.82 . This tire section width flags are: 5.95,6.15,6.45,6.95,7.35,7.75,8.25,8.55 . If 6.95-14,7.35-15 so on.
d. Metric tire section width expressed in metric , inch rim diameter expressed by "R" means radial structure , with a letter speed rating . If 155SR13, 215HR15 so on. Metric passenger car tire section width from 125 to start , with 10mm to one , until 235 so far.
radial passenger car tires in size flag , in addition to using the "R" signs, some brands add other logo on the sidewall . If Michelin tire company plus "×", Prelli tire company plus "Cinturato", the Soviet Union with "P" logo radial structure , such as the 155-13P.
e. "70" series is widely used in car tires a tire specifications and metric notation same tire , just before adding the structure and speed signs nominal flat rate of 70 , this kind of tire section width from 145 to start to 10mm as a , up to 215 . When the section width is the same, the load capacity of the tire rim diameter of the turbine increases .
"60" series and "50 " series of car tires and the " 70 " series of car tire specifications represent the same method , just " 70 " with " 60" or "50 " can be.
f American letters - . car tires digital system, regardless of its size rim diameter , the same letter code with the same tire load capacity . If the same load capacity ER70SR14 and ER70SR15 car tires within a certain depressed . The first letter represents the specification of the tire load capacity . The letter - Digital Hierarchy , the letter represents the maximum internal pressure of 0.17MPa and 0.22MPa load time .

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