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Planning And Talent Management

1, business people , business people , business to others, but also to run their own . ( Business management philosophy )

The nature of business is people, is a collection of companies owned by the hopes and dreams of individuals, is bringing together like-minded place , personal hopes and dreams and ambitious goals and business are closely related. Triangle human And business productivity factors considered key to the success of the most active , internal respecting people, culture , human development , human development , staff development will be closely integrated with the enterprise development , brought together groups to stimulate the vitality and dynamism of foreign passengers , compared with Households to create extraordinary value and win customers' trust and respect. Who is the subject of the enterprise, the perpetrator is a comprehensive enterprise behavior, so business is people . Venture is the operator , providing products and services in the process is Respect for the people involved , the process of care , incentive and achievement . The purpose of operations is to create value for others , and good business created by a good operator, and therefore operates to others, but also to run their own . Whether it is an individual or Enterprise , is through "business " to achieve my ego to big leap .

2 , talent strategy is the first strategy.

People- oriented, human resources strategy as the first strategy to build a global vision of younger, better educated , professional and international decision-making team and executive team , let triangle career going. Firmly pursues an open global talent strategy, building an international team of professionals , multi-faceted , multi-channel to attract talents and intellectual resources .

3 , we have much cause vision , there is much room for development ; accommodate our mind how much talent , our cause will have much .

4 , get rid of "Up and down , to enter can not , can not be outside the " stereotypes .

5 , virtuous and talented focus on the use , not only virtuous culture used to control the use of talent without virtue , no virtue without it resolutely do not .

6, the talent comes from practice , the same should also put to test in practice , to practice confirmation . Talk about hard work, performance , and who is a hero who is a hero , together- site management , marketing frontline together- working together- performance .

Enterprise Concept talent.

Talent is alive capital , companies must put talent as the first resource to be understanding, development and utilization. Where in various positions , at all levels , in all areas have a certain level of ability to work and people are people, who can To be able to contribute to the cause of development triangle of a technology , or a composite of all the talented employees are valuable corporate personnel. Personnel working on the principle of adherence to both internal and external , both election trick , weaknesses in principle , it is necessary to focus on the positive Internal personnel training , but also for the social and human talent market open channels ; only to localization , but also an international ; especially in the triangle to establish a team of talent , talent on the concept side , both leading cadres , and when Bole , eye for talent , with only a bold , eclectic, personnel director , to avoid it short.

7 , not just academic abilities , not just a re- level diploma , not the only all-rounder with expertise. Capable, the levels were so, dwarfed by the next . ( Enterprises employing view )

Company's ability and political integrity before the election and insist on the principle of the employer , the character, knowledge, ability and performance as the primary measure of talent , not just a degree, not just a title, not seniority , not just identity , eclectic choose talent, encourage people people make contributions , everyone taught. Triangle with a broad mind inclusion of various cultural backgrounds talent, vigorous training and development for the future , the world of international talent .

8 leaders have ideas, the team have a way out , the staff only way out .

9 , in the enterprise , who has much ability , who gave much to build the stage , who contribute much , who gave much in return.

10 Triangle concept of human resources

Integration of various types of economic resources within the broader global market economy , "talent" is the core, is the most fundamental factor. Triangle boldly broke all hinder the growth of talent idea , get rid of all the shackles of stereotypes talent to display their talent , career change all affected personnel innovation atmosphere and environment , the ideas of unity to the triangle to the people-oriented , relying on talent " pilot" Triangle development.Planning And Talent ManagementPlanning And Talent ManagementPlanning And Talent Management

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