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Recruitment FAQ

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I have experience in social work professionals , able to apply for campus recruitment sector jobs within it?

Published in the campus recruitment sector job information applies only to recruit graduates with work experience in the public sector go to Social Recruitment looking for their jobs , if not found in the social sector in recruitment suits your position, please patiently waiting for us to post updates.

I must comply with the requirements in order to deliver every one of these job positions do ?

Requirements for each job listed online are the minimum requirements for the position , in order to ensure your success rate of candidates , I hope you consider strictly in accordance with requirements of the position of your choice.

Can I apply for more than position?

For campus recruitment , each person can apply for up to three positions based on the job requirements.

Resume can be submitted again to modify the delivery and it?

For Fresh Graduates , the company does not receive the modified resume again , we recommend that you complete the final edit before sending your resume .

What information is needed to bring the interview ?

Please provide as much detail as resume information , including your transcript ( school seal ) , graduates recommendation statement and other personal qualification certificates ( certificates of English , computer certificates , professional qualifications , etc. ) and a copy of the original .

Caution Triangle social recruiting candidates jobs

I am graduating students ( including some work experience during the Shuobo ) , can apply for a job within the social sector recruitment do ?

Recruitment for the social sector work experience just society personnel, the company will update the information and requirements related jobs jobs in this sector, please graduates ( including work experience after graduation or master's master read after graduating graduating graduating PhD case graduation ) select the appropriate positions in the plate in the campus recruitment .

Recruitment and resume delivery channel selection ?

Triangle Recruitment company social websites on the triangle , and be updated simultaneously on the major job sites . Candidates can also search for relevant job recruitment site in the major domestic and delivery .

Can I apply for more than position?

For social recruiting, no delivery limit the number of jobs , you can select your appropriate jobs according to their own conditions and requirements .

CV has been submitted can be delivered again and modify it?

Recruitment for the community , the company receives resumes modified , but please note naming modify tags in your resume .

What information is needed to bring the interview ?

Please provide as much detail as resume information , including other personal Certificate ( professional qualification certificate , certificate of title with the various types of training certificates, etc. ) of the original and a copy .

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I need to pay attention to what your resume matter ?

Resume Job Target names and professional positions named , such as name + ** post.

After resume delivery I need attention to what matters ?

After a successful resume , we will promptly deal with curriculum vitae , and mail or telephone , SMS Get to communicate with you , be sure to keep the phone and mail flow.

When did you start the interview ? How many days advance notice of the interview arrangements ?

Different jobs in different interview schedule , we will communicate with the candidates in advance by phone or e-mail to determine the time . Specific organizations will interview time, place and other circumstances appropriate flexibility to adjust ( can be by telephone , video , etc. ) .

Who will participate in the interview ? General will arrange several interviews ?

Under normal circumstances , the business sector and the Human Resources Department will arrange an interview at the same time or separately . Individual special needs continue to retest jobs .

What is the interview language generally English, Chinese or other languages ?

According to the different requirements of Jobs , the company will organize a different language categories interview. Under normal circumstances , there will only Chinese interview.

What is the form of an interview ?

Generally in the form of individual interviews conducted the interview , but according to the company 's interview arrangements , will be the group interview.

Clothing for interviews have any specific requirements ?

Interview attire is no uniform requirement , it is recommended that you try to wear more formal business attire to attend.

How to check the results of the interview ?

We will in the form of the phone to notify you of the results of the interview and determine matters such as entry information .

Jobs workplace where ?

In addition to the sales sector jobs overseas posts and all current job postings are inauguration in Weihai . Meanwhile Jobs workplace contains the contents of the post, please refer to the detailed content of each post .

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