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(on Road)

Maximize your daily driving experience and weekend leisure outings: Triangle H/T tyres provide the ride performance for your everyday commute and ensure peace of mind during your leisure journeys off the beaten roads.
  • Comfort | Safety | Economy | High Mileage
  • feature:

    Wide shoulder Elements: Maximum Handling and light off-road traction; Rib Type Design: Low noise and maximum handling; High Sipe Density: Good all condition traction and comfortable ride

(All Terrain)-金沙57877

In need to get-by anywhere and on all types of road conditions: Triangle A/T tyres provide the rugged designs to take you everyplace and ensures you of comfortable on-road performances.
  • High Strength | Off-Road
  • feature:

    Closed Shoulder Elements: On-road handling and low noise; Semi-Rib Type Design: Traction and comfortable on road performance; High Sipe Density: Good all conditions traction and all season capability
  • Safety | High Strength | Off-Road
  • feature:

    Open Pattern Elements: Evacuate the mud for optimum off-road traction; Block Type Design: Maximum Traction; High Sipe Density: Good all conditions traction and comfortable ride
  • High Strength | Off-Road
  • feature:

    Main groove curved design, with rough and powerful appearance; Integrated siping design, improved esthetic feelings; Powerful grip performance; Good traction and cross-country performance

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